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2019 medical DJ AEOW-1000 acidified water equipment

2019 medical DJ AEOW-1000 acidified water equipment
2019 medical DJ AEOW-1000 acidified water equipment

Large Image :  2019 medical DJ AEOW-1000 acidified water equipment

Product Details:

Model NO: DJ AEOW-1000-2019
Sterilized water output: ≥1000mL/min
Free Chlorine: 50-70PPM
ORP: ≥1100mV
PH: 2.0-3.0
Size: 323*295*370mm
Detailed Product Description

I. Product introduction:

The DJ AEOW-1000 Acidic Oxidation Potential Water Generator (Acidizing Water Generator) is suitable for single medical department.The product can be directly made by a key operation, through the upper outlet pipe can be directly obtained acidified water for use, no installation of faucet, plug can be used.Disinfection without proportioning, one-button operation control, out of use, easy installation, small space occupation, no pipeline engineering.Before the equipment is equipped with a small processing plant, one-click operation control, easy to use, with small pretreatment device per minute, per minute to generate 1 l water acidification, 1 l alkaline water, equipment is small in size, with acidic water and alkaline water outlet pipe, without water terminal equipment installation, convenient installation, do not take up space, 15 min to complete the whole installation.One-button operation control, control the water conveying system through the panel, and feedback the operation condition through the detection system.

  • II. Detailed product parameters:

serial number 


And the number


Generator host

DJ AEOW-1000


Rated water production

  Single rated water production ≥2 L/min, acid, alkali > 1 L/min


Acidized water index

Effective chlorine 50 ~ 70mg/L, PH2 ~ 3, ORP>1100mV, residual chloride ion ≤1000mg/L (provide a test report issued by MA certification institutions)


power supply






operating power



Electrolytic way

  •                                    Continuous electrolysis


Electrolytic cell life



The water quality

In line with the provisions of GB5749, after the treatment of softening water hardness should be less than 25mg/L



Electrolytic level sodium chloride (purity > 99%)


operating temperature



power supply requirement

1) AC supply voltage: AC220±15V;

2) AC power supply frequency: 50±1Hz;Input power ≤150W+ 15%;


control system

      Panasonic PLC controller is adopted


Microbial killing effect

The killing effect of Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis and poliovirus meets the requirements of GB28234

(Provide the test report issued by the institution with MA certification)


Simulation and field test

Multiple skin irritation tests, general object surface field tests

(Provide the test report issued by the institution with MA certification)


Heavy metal content detection

Lead, arsenic, mercury heavy metal content in line with GB 5749 requirements

(Provide the test report issued by the institution with MA certification)


Taken the qualification

(Provide qualification certificate)

Sanitation license, medical device production license, registration certificate of medical device


Functions and features

1) The main machine is small in size, less than 50cm in height, neat and beautiful. It can be used on the table or hung on the wall, and water can be produced by one-key installation.

2) The equipment is equipped with small reverse osmosis pure water device, and the pure water production per minute is ≥2L/min.

3) Equipped with automatic salt mixing system: electrolyte low alarm, add solid electrolytic agent after the salt tank automatic water mixing, salt tank filled with electrolyte.

4) Fully automatic intelligent control system, alarm when water intensity is too high or too low, and alarm when intake water is too low.

Usage scenario schematic:

2019 medical DJ aeow-1000 acidified water equipment(图1)

2019 medical DJ aeow-1000 acidified water equipment(图2)

2019 medical DJ aeow-1000 acidified water equipment(图3)

  • III. Actual case of product installation

  • Installation case of Dali County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2019款医用DJ AEOW-1000型酸化水设备(图2)

  • Xi 'an North Railway Station Station master office installation use case

2019款医用DJ AEOW-1000型酸化水设备(图3)

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