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Much better products than others. Water treatment technology is the best. Reliable factory and products. Will cooperate for a long time.

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Hypochlorous acid generator has been running for more than half a year without failure.This product is very good.I was surprised by its low cost and fast delivery.It was a complete surprise to me.

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DJ AEOW-6000 acidified water generator

DJ AEOW-6000 acidified water generator
DJ AEOW-6000 acidified water generator DJ AEOW-6000 acidified water generator DJ AEOW-6000 acidified water generator DJ AEOW-6000 acidified water generator

Large Image :  DJ AEOW-6000 acidified water generator

Product Details:

Model NO: DJ AEOW-6000
Sterilized water output: ≥6000mL / min
Free Chlorine: 50 -70 ppm
ORP: ORP ≥ 1100mv
PH: 2.0-3.0
Size: 580mm*630mm*1600mm
Detailed Product Description

Product Description:

DJ AEOW-6000 acid oxidation potential water generator (acid water generation machine) is a centralized supply system designed by Xi 'an Xin Point Medical Science and Technology for the centralized supply of each department in the whole building. It is suitable for hospitals, large-scale farms, food processing plants and other manufacturers who need to produce a large amount of disinfectant water.

The acidification water output in one minute of the equipment is more than 6000mL/min.It can be used for disinfection of multiple departments and each unit of the whole building at the same time. It can be installed at one time and used by multiple departments at the same time to save the cost of disinfection consumables.The equipment sets the advantages of other DJ AEOW-2000, DJ AEOW-4000 type equipment as a whole, the innovative addition of PLC control system, electrolytic electrolyte controlled by PLC, will not affect the quality of acid oxidized water because of the electrolyte concentration change.PLC automatically adjusts the frequency of the metering pump by calculating the signal of the metering pump, so that the concentration of the electrolytic solution in the electrolytic cell reaches the balance and the electrolytic automatic regulation is realized.

  • Principle of hypochlorous acid formation:

DJ aeow-6000 acidified water generator(图1)

  • Detailed parameters of this product:

Product name

Automatic flow DJ AEOW-6000 acid oxidizing potential water generator

Industry classification

Water disinfection equipment

Product brand


Main parameter

Parameter name

Parameter value


DJ AEOW-6000

Acidified water yield




Maximum power consumption


Floor space for equipment installation


Number of applicable departments

Applicable to single department

Key indicators monitoring

Real time monitoring, online display of operation, alarm status, key indicators (pH, ORP, available chlorine)

Printing system

Print real-time parameters for traceability, print parameters: pH, ORP, available chlorine, current

Water storage tank


Operation interface

Intelligent touch screen

Key indicators of electrolyzed oxidizing water

PH range:2.0-3.0              

ORP (redox potential) ≥ 1100mv

Available chlorine:50 mg / L-70 mg / L

operation mode

Continuous generation

system controller

High performance embedded industrial microprocessor

system resource

Each function integration, multi gas path program control

Software information

Software release v1

Influent condition

The hardness should be less than 25mg / L after softened water treatment

Feed water pressure

Feed water pressure: 0.2-0.4mpa

Intelligent protection

In case of any abnormality, the machine will stop working automatically

Fault alarm

It has the following alarm functions: salt shortage alarm function; low or high inlet water pressure alarm function; abnormal acid oxidation potential water index alarm function

  • Actual installation of use cases:

DJ aeow-6000 acidified water generator(图2)

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